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Our Story

Surveygoo was founded by Neil Cary, a market researcher with more than 20 years experience managing complex surveys. The idea of Surveygoo was rooted in Neil's experience working for many PR and Marketing Professionals in leading UK and International Agencies. They frequently presented near complete questionnaires, ready to be run as online surveys. He decided to create a simple cloud based survey tool which would allow users to script their own surveys, and target consumer audiences, drawn from quality assured, responsive research panels. The ambition was to build a survey tool that anyone could use, yet still delivered powerful scripting and analysis features. But we are also an online survey company which provides a range of survey services and expertise.

A Different Kind of Survey Company

The idea of Surveygoo is to make online surveys fun, interactive and accessible, whether you are a relative newcomer to using market research or a more experienced researcher. Surveygoo is designed to be both an easy to use self serve online survey tool, as well as being a provider of affordable online research services.  
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Our services are grounded in three core values:
Neil Cary, Founder of Surveygoo
Neil Cary
Neil specialises in online surveys although his career spanning more than twenty years, includes b2b, consumer and PR research. He is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society (CMRS). He recently published his first book, "Do Your Own Online Surveys", published by CGW Publishing.
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Surveygoo is a brand owned by Asia Opinions Ltd. The company provides market research services in Asia Pacific, and operates its own online panels, Opini. We are a limited company, registered in England and Wales under the company number 07429057.
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Survey Hosting and Programming Services
Got a questionnaire ready to go, but need support to programme your survey? We provide full support for programming and managing online surveys using our own self serve tool, as well as a range of other popular survey tools.