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Better Headlines, Content & Insight (for less)

We are an experienced team of market research consultants, data analysts and communications specialists, here to explore insights and leverage data  for practical PR and Marketing objectives.

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Our Story

Flexible, Affordable, Accessible Surveys

Founded in 2010 with the objective of supporting the needs of a diverse range of users of market research services, SurveyGoo continues to evolve its service offering to deliver flexible and affordable market research solutions.

We work with big and small brands, boutique and international agencies, as well as in-house PR and Marketing teams, that include charities, starts ups and freelance consultants. We take the same approach of offering value, flexibility and commitment to the needs of the client.

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Our Mission

Market Research Solutions

Getting market research data has become more accessible and affordable, for start ups and smaller brands as well as large organisations. Online Surveys have created the opportunity to gather data ever faster and more affordably. At SurveyGoo, we are part of that story. We have built our own research tools to design surveys, reach consumer and business audiences, and analyse data, quickly and affordably.

Our tools are part of the solution. But it is our values and approach to delivering survey data that makes the difference. Our consultancy-based market research services put flexibility at its heart. We are not just another DIY tool. We are a team of researchers that use effective survey tools, to get the results you need at a budget you can afford. Let us use our tools and experience, to save you the time and effort.

Our Approach

Tailored to Client Needs

We are experienced market research consultants. Our services are adaptable to a range of data-driven objectives from market insight to content generation and PR campaigns. We work with big and small budgets, both in the UK and on a multi country basis. Our services provide the opportunity to collect credible research data and use them for a variety of objectives.

Whether you are a independent consultant, an agency, a charity or a brand, we offer the same commitment to offering data-driven solutions to fit your budget and timescales.

We provide full agency style services to design and deliver market research and online polls. But we also offer tailored market research services to support specific needs. So whether you have a questionnaire you want us to host on our survey and community platform, or whether you need support analysing and reporting data, we can help.

Our Team

A Multi-Skills Team

We are a multi-skilled team of market research consultants, data analysts and communications specialists. We blend overlapping skills to deliver data-driven research and communication objectives.

Insight is at the heart of what we do. Our teams expertise includes research design, survey programming, survey panel management, qualitative research, data visualisation, data story telling and communications.

Our Capabilities

Leveraging the Power of Data

Data is an incredibly powerful resource, adaptable for so many businesses and organisations. At SurveyGoo we specialise in the design, gathering and analysis of data principally for marketing and public relations objectives. As members of the Market Research Society, are research is always based on good practice and data credibility.

Using both in-house and third party tools, our teams can design and implement market research programmes, public opinion surveys and audience research to support a range of communications objectives and business sectors, from small scale polls through to multi country studies and data-driven PR campaigns. We run both quantitative and qualitative research. Bespoke, client-specific data for every need.

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Our Story

Evolving services & research tools

An integral part of SurveyGoo's commitment to delivering flexible, affordable, consultancy-based market research services is the ongoing development of in-house data & research tools.



Founded SurveyGoo with the aim of delivering affordable, flexible market research services.


First Panels Created

Opini Surveys online panels created in UK, and then later in US, Australia and South East Asia.


Community Platforms

Developed in-house community platform initially for SurveyGoo and subsequent GooPoll brand.


Survey Platform

Enhanced our panel management platform with an integrated survey design and analysis capability.

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do

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We work efficiently to meet tight deadlines.

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Full members of the Market Research Society and the Independent Consultants Group.

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Quality Commitment

We adhere to the market research society code of conduct of good research practice.

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Partner Network

A team of data experts and communications experts, ready to use.

Our Survey Panels

Global Opinions

Connect with Global Opinions. Together with our panel partners and in house panels cover Asia Pacific, Europe and South East Asia.

Our Featured Partners

A Team of Researchers & Communication Specialists