We Specialise In Online Surveys

Looking for an effective but affordable online survey company? Online surveys is our speciality. Quant surveys online, surveys which use online panels, mobile surveys and online focus groups. Anything online! We run big and small studies, both in the UK and internationally. Whether its the UK, Singapore or Australia, we can help.

Online Survey Creator

Our web based online survey creator is an easy to use survey tool. Great for students, start ups and projects on a tight budget!

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Market Research Survey Panels

We operate our own market research panels in the UK and Asia Pacific. We have also developed our own panel management system which we use to manage surveys, panel member administration and rewards.

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Global and Local Online Survey Panels

We are comfortable working on single country as well as international surveys. As well as operating our own panels in the UK and Asia, we have developed a strong network of local panel companies alongside global providers.

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Consumer Insight

Our business is to explore the needs, attitudes and behaviour of consumers and businesses. Our expertise includes branding, opinion polls, product testing, ad testing, audience segmentation and more.

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Sectors We Work In

Marketing Agencies

We work directly with marketers and marketing agencies of varying sizes.


We work with Universities, Researchers and Students.

Public Relations

We work with leading PR agencies as well as client side PRs

Startups and SME’s

We work with start ups and small businesses with modest budgets and big ideas.

The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.



We make conducting surveys online as simple as possible


We think good design is at the heart of effective surveys.


In the way we work and how we tailor our services to our client’s needs.


We strive to offer best value and affordable research services.

Our Story

Surveygoo was founded by Neil Cary, a market researcher with more than 20 years experience managing complex surveys. The idea of Surveygoo was rooted in Neil’s experience working for many PR and marketing professionals in leading UK and international agencies. They frequently presented near complete questionnaires, ready to be run as online surveys. He decided to create a survey tool and related services to meet the particular requirements of marketing and PR agencies.

None of us is as smart as all of us.

We are members of trusted professional bodies in the market research industry