Matrix & Grid Survey Questions

Matrix questions, or grid questions as they are often called, are a very versatile question style and widely used. They are efficient in the sense that they can capture several columns of data in the same question. For example, show several brands and collect responses to multiple attributes.
Pros of Matrix Questions: Versatility and Familiarity
The versatility leads to matrix questions being used widely: rating, importance measurement, any scaled questions with multiple question attributes. If used sparingly, they are a vey useful question type. Because they are used widely, they are familiar to respondents.
Downside of Matrix Questions
But the problem with matrix questions is the temptation to load them up with too many quesion codes/answers and columns/scales. Long and complex matrix can be off putting to the respondent and it is sometimes argued, encourages the respondent to straightline their answers (e.g. click the same answer down a column because it is quicker).  Of course, respondents who are not interested in giving considered answers will find a way to cheat or speed through any question. But at the same time, it is fair to say that overly long and complex matrix questions increases the likelihood of poor quality responses.
How and How Not to Use Matrix Questions
There is nothing worse than page after page of long matrix questions. Its enough to kill interest in any survey. That is not to say that matrix questions do not have a use - they certainly do - but we should be careful when using them. Try not to feature long matrix questions, and do not show them page after page consecutively. 
Attractive Grid Formats are more Engaging
Surveygoo features a design of matrix question which is more attractive to the respondent, and is more likely to engage the respondent. That doesnt mean you can overload the matrix, but it will help the quality of response.
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