Online Opinion Polls

Opinion polls have become hugely popular in the UK. Regularly used by PR Agencies and marketeers, they offer fantastic opportunities to identify a theme or a subject to gain general publicity for a brand or an organisation. They can also underpin specific campaign messages, from issues of public safety to campaigns reinforcing brand or product launches.

Versatility of Online Opinion Polls
Many online consumer polls undertaken with publicity objectives tend to focus on public attitudes about a topic or identify consumer trends. While many polls are fun, light hearted or are designed to elicit quirky responses, polls are also used for more serious objectives, such as public safety, where the poll might identify public concern or ignorance about a subject (e.g. dietary habits and the risk of cancer, road safety, travelling abroad, etc). More serious polls can infact be used as the basis of thought leadership pieces, to highlight a wider business or market challenge. Apart from consumer polls, we also see regular online polls with business respondents, where the audience might vary from general business decision makers to IT and technology specialists. 
Another feature of opinion polls used by PR agencies, is what is known as the "flash poll". The name is given to describe the speed of the poll - typically within a day or sooner of a general item in the news. The poll has to be completed quickly to tap into topical sentiment, before it becomes old news. For example, public reaction to a new piece of legislation or a product launch.

Falling Polling Costs
The falling costs of online surveys has without doubt driven the increased use of polling in the UK. What was once something which could be conducted infrequently and at considerable expense, is now available to most organisations, including small and medium size businesses. Polling can now be undertaken for a small investment of high hundreds, or low thousands of pounds.

Fieldwork Time to complete an Online Poll
Typically polls can be completed within 48 - 72 hours or sooner. 

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