Slider Drop Downs: a reboot of an old favourite

Drop down questions are one of the most utilised survey questions, for most type of survey or poll. They are easy to set up, familiar to audiences, and lend themselves to fitting into confined spaces in an online survey. Unlike a choice or matrix question, long code frames will only appear once the survey participant clicks on the question.

Traditional Drop Down questions look plain

But compared to some of the newer, more interactive question styles, they can look a but plain.

Pasted Graphic 1

They are a great option for shorter questions, or even longer code frames. With so many people taking surveys on mobiles, Drop Down questions work well on any device.

But a new variant on the Drop Down question available in Surveygoo survey tool is a vertical slider. We call it a Slider Drop Down.

Updating the look and use of Drop Downs: vertical slider feature

Our latest question stye looks great, but makes Drop Downs look even more practical then before. The survey participant now clicks on the question to reveal some of the question options, but if there is a longer list of answer options, they need to click on the slider and drag it down, to reveal all the options. It is more engaging, but also neatly fits in longer code frames within the available space.

Pasted Graphic 2

For more information, see How to Set Up a Drop Down Question.