How many questions on a page?

Some designers prefer to ask one question per page no matter what the length of the question. There is certainly a justification in featuring just one question on a page if it is very long (e.g. a long grid or multiple choice question). But what if you have short questions, or questions which do not take much space (e.g. drop down questions). Featuring a number of drop down questions on a page is perfectly acceptable, and often makes sense for the respondent in terms of question flow.

As fashions change, so do the opportunities for designing the look of questionnaires. Two clear trends in the last few years have been websites which feature long pages which the browser needs to scroll down to read. This trend also prevails against the back drop of browsing websites via mobile devices. To some extent browsers are more accepting of scrolling down pages, and this applies to surveys as well. But within reason. Mobile is an even bigger consideration when perhaps 15-20% or more of online surveys are taken on a mobile device. Before deciding on the optimum number of questions on a page, think about people taking surveys on a mobile. Test your questionnaire to make sure the questions are easy to complete via a mobile. Yes, it possible scroll down and feature a number of questions, even on a mobile, but not if the questions are also long and complex with grids. Several drop down questions combined with choice questions with a few answer codes is possible, but not if you are also including long and complex questions. Fortunately, Surveygoo survey tool includes question types which are easy to complete on mobile devices. But never forget to think about how the questions look and feel to the respondent.