Looking Good: Respondent Engagement with Online Surveys

Response rates are a serious business for researchers. Some years ago now the former quant survey method of choice, the telephone survey, frequently attracted response rates of 60% or more. Hard to believe now, of course. Well managed online panels should attract response rates of more than 25-30% (although  many do not). People who create online surveys can do their bit too, helping response rates by designing clear and easy online surveys. Surveygoo has a few features built in which help response rates. First, we have a growing number of questionnaire themes, which have attractive backgrounds and frames. They make the survey look better. Second, we have a range of attractive looking question styles. For example, choice (multiple and single code) are bounded and marked with an attractive logo. Third, we have several interactive questions. Drag and Drop questions require survey respondents to drag responses and move them to another part of a question. Its engaging and more interesting. Drag and Drop questions in Surveygoo take three forms: drag and drop grid questions, ranking questions, and sliders.