Hassle Free, affordable ways to conduct online surveys with survey panels.

If you need to target a specific consumer audience or run a representative poll with a national audience, we can help connect your survey to our survey panels. We offer a fully managed, affordably priced service, or a DIY service.

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  • Drivers
  • Graduates
  • Commuters
  • Shoppers
  • Freelancers
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How to Buy Online Sample

We offer a range of survey solutions to fit different budgets, including a sample only service and full service including, survey programming, survey panels and data analysis.

1. Get a feasibility and price from Surveygoo

2. Script your own survey in our survey creator tool or let Surveygoo script and host for you

3. Surveygoo panel team will select and manage the sample against the specification, or use DIY option

Which Service Is Best for Me?

Full Service

Programme survey, panel management and data collection

Most of our clients value our full service. Its simple, fast, affordable and reliable. We provide a clear, fixed price for programming the survey, collecting survey responses and data analysis. Data can be provided as a excel or SPSS file, but we also offer data analysis and reporting options.

Build Your Own

Script your own survey in Survey Creator Tool

Some clients prefer to script their own survey in our survey creator tool. Having set up the survey, you can use the external sample DIY option, or ask the panel team manage the sampling process with our panels. Sample costs are typically lower if using Surveygoo Panels rather than the DIY self select option. Please enquire for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the build your own service?

Use our Survey Creator Tool

We offer clients the option to design their survey in our online survey tool. If you have a relatively simple survey, and you have any experience of using popular survey tools like Survey monkey, you won’t find our survey tool difficult to use.
With the Build your own option, you will create the survey questions directly in our online survey tool. Then send the survey to panel audiences.

How do I send the survey to the survey panel?

Choose DIY or Managed Service

We offer a full Do It Yourself sample selection method through panel partners, Cint. This offers a relatively simple option, although we also offer a lower price option for using our UK panels via the Managed Service.

How do I select the DIY or managed service?

Using the Managed Sample option

With our Managed Service you have the choice of letting us manage the whole process of programming your survey, managing the panel sample selection, and analysing your data. Alternatively, you can set up the survey yourself in our survey tool, and then ask Surveygoo to manage the sample selection.

Is the DIY service cheaper?

The DIY service can be cheaper overall if you are scripting the survey yourself. However, the cost of the panel sample via Cint (external sample) is often more expensive than using Surveygoo Panel UK.

We recommend you contact us first so we can advise on the best value option.

What is the cost of the DIY option?

Option A – Buy Pay as you Go or a Subscription

If you intend to script the survey yourself, you will need a Pay As You Go or ongoing subscription before you can script and run your survey with an external panel sample.

Option B – Purchase Panel Sample

The panel sample is priced separately from the subscription options to use our survey tool.

What does it cost to use your Managed Service?

Survey Programming

Our Managed service includes the option to have your survey programmed by our team. Prices start at just £10 per question. We recommend this option if you want to save time, or are not confident programming the survey yourself.

Sample Selection

Our Managed service also included the option for our team to handle the sample selection process. This is recommended if the sample selection criteria are more complicated that a General Population selection, or if a larger sample size is required. Using Surveygoo Panel for larger sample selections will be less expensive than the Cint external sample option. We can offer a price having seen your requirements.

Data Reporting

Our survey creator tool offers various reporting options, depending on your subscription. Our Managed service provides a full range of bespoke reporting including data tabulations, cross tabs, charts and report dashboards.

Can you advice on sample and survey design?

Yes. We can give you impartial advice on the best approach against your objectives and budget, and we can then provide alternative pricing.

Do you run surveys outside the UK?

We run surveys and panels outside the UK

Surveygoo has access to panels in Asia Pacific through its partner business Asia Opinions.

We offer a full service including translations, survey programming in multiple languages and survey panels across the world.

Do you run surveys outside the UK?

Yes, as Company Partner of the Market Research Society, and a company which operates its survey panels to standards set out by ESOMOAR, we guarantee the quality of our work.

We are members of the Market Research Society and a Company Partner.

Okay I’m interested what next?

Great. Call us or email the details of the survey you are looking to do and we can work out some options for you.

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