PR Surveys for Mental Health Charity to promote Campaigns

National polls with teenagers, young adults, parents, schools and colleges.

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PR Surveys for Mental Health Charity to promote Campaigns

Project Overview

SurveyGoo has undertaken multiple projects to assist with Mental Health Charity, Stem4, to support various initiatives and campaigns where data plays an important part informing or promoting public campaigns around teenage mental health.

Project Execution

SurveyGoo have provided support designing, implementing surveys, analysis and reporting for a number of surveys over the last few years. Activities include:

  • Question Review
  • Programmed survey & hosted
  • UK Consumer sample, very young people with parental permission
  • Surveys of Teenagers
  • Surveys of Young adults
  • Surveys of Parents
  • Surveys of teachers and education decision makers


The surveys generated insight to verify campaign messages, test perceptions and help promote specific camapiagns.

  • Data Tables
  • Summary Charts
  • Topline Reports

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