Ariel University

Supported Academic Studies on Covid-19 in China and UK

Multi country survey, China and UK. Panel sample. Academic study.

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Supported Academic Studies on Covid-19 in China and UK

Project Overview

SurveyGoo was asked by Ariel University to support an academic study measuring behaviours and psychological discuss indicators in China and UK due to Covid-19 in April 2020.

Project Execution

SurveyGoo undertook a translation of the survey into Mandarin and scripted the survey featuring a series of likert scales to measure behaviour and psychological distress. A key challenge was securing panel sample covering Wuhan and other parts of China.

  • Survey programming
  • Translations
  • Nationally Representative sample in UK and China 2,000 adults
  • Survey of 1,000 adults per country


The survey generated insight around public concerns about Covid-19 at the early stages of the pandemic in this important academic study.

  • Data Tables
  • SPSS data

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