Natural History Museum

Supported a new Fundraising Campaign

Reviewed campaign objectives, designed questions and conducted a poll among adults, parents and children.

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Increased in ROI revenue

Supported a new Fundraising Campaign

Project Overview

SurveyGoo was asked by the Natural History Museum to support a fundraising initiative through an awareness exercise undepinned by a national survey among adults (including parents) and children highlighting the need to access nature within urban spaces.

Project Execution

The initial part of the project was to conduct a review of whether similar campaign ideas and surveys had been undertaken. SurveyGoo developed initial ideas provided by the Natural History Museum to create two separate surveys to be run among a general UK nationally representative sample and separately among a survey of children, to guage their experience of nature.

  • Campaign Review and ideation
  • Questionnaire Design and Potential Headline Mapping
  • Nationally Representative UK Survey among 2,000 adults
  • Survey of 2,000 children aged 9 - 14


The survey generated insight around public opinion of nature, when and how often it is experienced and how experiences of nature vary by area and demographics.

  • Data Tables
  • Summary Charts
  • Post survey analysis support and reporting

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