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Client Stories

We work with all sizes and sectors of organisation. From students to Start Ups and SMEs to Big Brands. Whatever the budget, whatever the service, we provide the same level of commitment.
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Road Safety Charity: Public Opinion Poll
Brake is a UK Charity. It campaigns nationally and regionally, and raises awareness  among the public to stop road deaths and injuries, to make communities safer and improve support for crash victims.

Brake runs a number of flagship campaigns including GO 20 (safe walking and cycling), Too young to die (driving test reform), Not a drop, not a drag (drink and drugs) and Crackdown (traffic policing).

How We Helped: Online Public Opinion Polls
Surveygoo have worked with Brake to deliver online surveys and public opinion polls which are designed to raise awareness in support of their campaigns. Surveygoo has provided questionnaire scripting, panel services and data analysis support.

"Surveygoo has provided a really helpful service in support of our campaigns. They know how to deliver an online poll to meet our campaign objectives, and offer a full service."

Ellen Booth, Senior Campaigns Officer, Brake 
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PR Agency: Pitch Support
The PR Network is a unique provider of PR services, matching client requirements for PR and communications briefs with experienced teams of PR professionals.

How We Helped: Pitch Support for PR Agency
The PR Network used Surveygoo to conduct a survey with UK consumers (car owners living in London) as part of a client pitch. The purpose of the survey was to demonstrate an understanding of key messaging issues around the brand, and how the agency would implement a relevant communications programme.

"Surveygoo provided advice on questionnaire design and scripted the survey for us. The survey took just a few days to complete. The survey results were clear and accessible in real time. We will definitely use Surveygoo again."

Nicky Imrie, Owner, The PR Network 
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Marketing Agency: Survey Services
Smart Monkey Marketing are a Sussex-based full service, integrated marketing consultancy. Their clients range from retail, health, telecoms to finance. Surveygoo has enabled Smart Monkey to add survey research capabilities to their service offer to clients. They help ambitious businesses of all sizes to generate more business.

How We Helped: Survey Support for End Customers
Smart Monkey used Surveygoo to set up several projects on behalf of their customers where the budgets were limited, and in house survey expertise were not available. Examples included Customer and Event Surveys.

"Surveygoo is an incredibly easy to use survey tool. Its enabled us to offer extra services and support to our clients, who previously didn't have experience of conducting surveys."

Beth Nash, Founder Smart Monkey Marketing
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UK Online Retailer: Survey on Home Furnishings
Wayfair is a US-based e-commerce company, sells home furnishings, luggage, toys and pet items. In the Uk the company’s online store sells furniture, lighting and outdoor furniture.

How We Helped: Shopper Survey
Wayfair programmed their own survey using Surveygoo Direct and used Online Panel Access to reach the target audience of UK shoppers.
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Retail Consultants: Shopper Behaviour Survey
Split Second is a consultancy that helps customers plan strategy and understand shopper behaviour. The company provides strategy consultancy to Fortune 500 brands in multiple channels and markets.

How We Helped: Survey Tool and Panel Sample

Split Second used Surveygoo survey tool with Online Panel Access, to better understand shopper behaviour, from a survey of UK consumers. The company decided to programme their own survey using the tool, and connecting with respondents via Online Panel Access.

"Surveygoo provided an excellent service. The delivery was fast and we found the tool was very easy to use. We had a few queries during set up which we sent to the support desk, which they answered quickly."

Nupur Saxena, Managing Partner, Split Second