Project Overview

SurveyGoo was asked by Straight Talk PR to conduct a survey among users of business data for its client Intoware. A survey was specified to help generate content and raise awareness for Intoware's specialist software services aimed at engineers and connected work forces in industry. The draft survey had been designed but no data had been collected. SurveyGoo adapted the survey and hosted it on our platform and ran the survey with multiple panels to get sufficient responses.

Project Execution

The study required reaching a range of business sectors across engineering, water, rail, transport and other commercial sectors. within a range of large and small organisations in the UK. the public and private organisations. The survey involved both decision makers and employees. A particular challenge was reaching these sectors, which was achieved by working with a range of panel partners.

  • UK wide
  • 1,000 completes
  • Specific commercial and industrial sectors
  • Examined use of data to support business decisions
  • Range of industries in public and private


The survey generated important insight to help Intoware better understand the needs of organisations needing data workflow solutions. The data was also used by Straight Talk PR to raise the profile of Intoware in the sector and help tailor its services.

  • Data Tables
  • Summary Charts
  • Powerpoint Presentation

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