Project Overview

SurveyGoo was asked by Reed Professional Services to conduct a survey among procurement and project managers. The draft survey had been designed but no data had been collected. SurveyGoo adapted the survey and hosted it on our platform and ran the survey with multiple panels to get sufficient responses.

Project Execution

The study required reaching specialist job functions around procurement and project management, both within the public and private organisations, and among a range of sectors. A particular challenge was reaching these specialist sectors, which was achieved by working with a range of panel partners.

  • UK wide
  • 200 completes
  • Organisations with more then 250 employees
  • Targeted procurement and project management functions
  • Range of industries in public and private


The survey generated important insight to help Reed Professional Services better understand the needs of organisations needing digital outsourcing and enterprise solutions. The data was also used to raise the profile of Reed in the sector and help tailor its services.

  • Data Tables
  • Summary Charts
  • Powerpoint Presentation

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