Project Overview

SurveyGoo was asked by Ingredient Communications to conduct a piece of research on behalf of an ingredients provider to the skincare industry. The survey explored how different light combinations influences consumer perceptions of health indicators and skin products. The survey of 500 consumers spread among UK, USA, France, China, Japan and South Korea targeted women using skincare products. The technique included showing different light combinations of faces and measuring perceptions of likability, quality and health.

Project Execution

The study required programming to display a combination of light of different images. Each colour combination was rated for indicators of health and likability.

  • Survey programming
  • Images of faces
  • Sample in UK, USA, France, China, Japan, South Korea
  • Users of skincare products


The survey generated insight into how light can affect perceptions of quality, health and influence buyer behaviour.

  • Data Tables
  • Topline Tables
  • Summary Charts
  • SPSS Data

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