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Use Surveys to Guide and Generate Content

Content is at the heart of digital marketing and PR. Surveys provide a powerful and affordable means of generating unique content.

SurveyGoo are an ideal partner to Digital Content Creators

Creating unique, compelling content is not easy. It takes careful planning and real expertise to understand what content is useful, interesting and valuable. Most challenging of all is finding new perspectives, understanding trends and opinions.

Polls, bespoke surveys and data insight are part of the solution.

Build Content more quickly and affordably with our Online Survey Services

Surveys may be part of the solution of generating great content but it's not always easy to do.

5 Obstacles to Getting Great Survey-Based Content

  • Surveys can be expensive
  • Data sources need to be credible
  • Difficulty of accessing disparate audiences, including general public, businesses, and niche audiences
  • The need for data to be collected quickly to tight deadlines
  • The challenge of sifting through data to highlight key insights, in clear and simple outputs

Trusted by big and small companies.

Delivering services to a diverse range of business sectors, including leading charities, boutique agencies and blue chips.

Affordable, Accessible Bespoke Online Surveys which Generate Unique Content


Using efficient survey programming tools and our in house polling and online panel platform, GooPoll, our experienced teams deliver affordable, credible and accessible public opinion data to almost any audience, in days, not weeks. Our services help PRs, marketers and digital content users meet their objectives.


Flexible solutions to fit budgets

Surveys can be expensive but we work to find solutions to adapt budgets. We are affordable and flexible.


The power of data for Credible content.

Our approach to collecting reliable data is essential to generating credible data.


Connect surveys with our Community Platform.

Our GooPoll platform is our all-in-one inhouse polling platform, which offers fast survey design and connects to our community of responsive survey takers. We can reach general and niche audiences, business respondents and connect with international audiences.


Surveys conducted in days.

Speed isn't everything but there are times when data is needed quickly. General population surveys are usually available in 2-4 days but we can run projects within 1-2 days if needed.


Clear, simple Data Reports

Clear and simple reporting using data tables and charts. Highlight findings for key questions.


Trusted By Marketing and Public Relations Consultants

"They bring expertise and creative flair"

Penny Lukats

"They understand what I need, and how best to achieve it"

Malcolm Hay

"Clear pricing, great value for money, fast turnaround"

Richard Clarke

"SurveyGoo are a brilliant research partner"

Katy Bloomfield

That depends on the number of questions, sample size and type of audience. A 5 question mini poll of 1000 respondents with our Quick Polls service is just £625. We stive to offer affordable surveys to fit a range of budgets to suit freelancers, start up brands and growing businesses, as well as Charities and boutique agencies.


How Much Do Polls Cost?

Quick Polls


Quick Polls are an affordable omnibus style survey, perfect for short, standardised surveys for reaching UK consumer and business audiences. See Quick Polls for information on the full service.


£ 625

4 - 5 questions Mini Poll 1000 UK Gen Pop survey.

  • 4 - 5 days delivery
  • Gen Pop Survey Responses
  • Banner Tables (Excel)
  • Topline Tables (PPT)


£ 1,495

6 - 8 questions Quick Poll 2000 UK Gen Pop survey.

  • 2 - 3 days delivery
  • Gen Pop Survey Responses
  • Banner Tables (Excel)
  • Topline Tables (PPT)


£ 1,400

9-10 questions Quick Poll 1000 UK Gen Pop survey.

  • 1 - 2 days delivery
  • Gen Pop Survey Responses
  • Banner Tables (Excel)
  • Topline Tables (PPT)

Not convinced? Take a look at some of our case studies


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Multi Country Survey on Ai, Digital and Privacy

Ingredient Communications

Research to explore the influence of light combinations on consumer preferences for Skincare products

Topline Film

PR Survey to raise awareness for Topline Film

New Nutrition

Research to Support Unique Content on Food & Nutrition Trends


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