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Food & Health Research

Research to support food, drinks and health companies.

We have a long track record researching the food and ingredients sector, working with specialist PR agencies and food consultancies, as well as directly for food and drink brands.

Our surveys have spanned a diverse range of subjects including health markets, consumer health trends, formula milk, specialist ingredients, margarine, vegan products and cider.

The food industry is particularly sensitive to shifts in the public's perception of their own health and wealth. With growing awareness and demand for locally sourced, organically grown and free-from foods, how does a business continue to evolve, remain relevant, retain consumer loyalty and meet their needs?

Objective data of current trends and an accurate measurement of consumer response is key. Separate the fads from the facts to inform product launches, marketing strategy and public relations campaigns.

Trusted by big and small companies.

Delivering services to a diverse range of business sectors, including leading charities, boutique agencies and blue chips.

SurveyGoo understands how agencies and brands need clear insight to operate effectively. Our services and experience include:

  • Awareness Research
  • Product Feature Testing
  • Pricing Research
  • Consumer Attitudes & Trends
  • UK and International Research

Bespoke Surveys for Continual Consumer Insight


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Research to Support Unique Content on Food & Nutrition Trends


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