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SurveyGoo partners with entrepreneurial businesses with the ambition and vision to take their company to the next level. Growing businesses have big ideas, but they don’t always have big marketing budgets or infinite resource to realise them. However, demonstrating ROI is perhaps even more fundamental to a growing business in order to understand how and where to focus precious resource. Using insight gathered through credible research can also be instrumental in securing investment to demonstrate the value of and appetite for your product.

SurveyGoo understands how small businesses need to operate and the challenges they face. We can offer fit for purpose research to support key aims such as;

  • proof of concept
  • due diligence
  • product testing

We can review your research requirements and advise the best course of action to deliver the results cost effectively.


Conduct an online survey to gather valuable feedback and consumer insight on a product concept.

The My Car Mechanic (MCM) car app is a vehicle / diagnostics tool and scanner. Connecting via a smartphone, and a low cost adapter, the software is designed to provide real time car diagnostics for reliable car maintenance.

Bump Mark

Conduct an online survey to measure shopping habits, attitudes to packaging, and to test interest in the Bump Mark concept.

Bump Mark is a food freshness checker, offered as a label on food packaging. It works using a unique gel in the label which reacts to the environment and tells the consumer when food is no longer fresh.


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"Good experience"

We needed a simple survey conducted quickly.

Nadine de Koning
Digital Brand Manager

"Proactive in finding solutions"

Their pricing is competitive, and design research plans perfect for us, and deliver results in days.

Jorge Higueras
Founder Associate

"I recommend and will use SurveyGoo again"

The survey was a success, and we got the results we were hoping for.

Christopher Taylor
Development Technologist