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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs New Users of Surveygoo Survey Tool

  • Can I use the survey tool for free?

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    Yes. Our Freemium package allows you to run one survey per month of up to 10 questions and we don't restrict the number of completes. If you have a small survey to run, or want to get to know Surveygoo survey tool before trying one of the standard or premium packages our Freemium package is ideal.  More on Plans and Pricing.
  • What support do you offer?

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    Surveygoo survey tool has been designed to be easy for anyone to pick up. But sometimes we all need help. We offer full support including a Support Desk, Support Forum, online tutorials, survey tips and an ever growing collection of blogs and articles covering all aspects of online research. If you want to run an online survey but don't want to script the survey yourself, we offer a full market research service.
  • How do I contact Surveygoo?

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    If you have a specific question or enquiry and you need to get directly in touch with Surveygoo, please use our contact form. Our Online Support Forum has answers to many common support questions and also provides an opportunity to get support from other users. You can also use our Live Chat facility. If you want to talk to someone you can do that too! Call +44(0) 1342 824656
  • Do I need to be a market research expert to use the survey tool?

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    Most definitely not, although if you have some experience of research, you wil find many familiar tools and features needed to conduct professional research. Surveygoo is one of the growing options for conducting what is known as DIY research. In our view market research is something which every organisation, large or small, can benefit from. Surveygoo survey software is a simple tool which can deliver powerful results, and its open to everyone to use. But we also offer affordable online survey services for our customers who prefer to get expert help from trained researchers.
  • How do I analyse my survey results?

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    Every survey you run has a set of standard data tables and an easy to read report, which can be downloaded as a pdf report. Our standard and premium packages also provide raw data (which can be imported into other analysis packages) as well as SPSS data exports, and full cross tabulations functionality.
  • Can I use the survey tool on a pay per use basis?

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    Absolutely. Less frequent users of research can use Surveygoo survey software for free or opt for a Pay as You Go package. However, more regular users can subscribe to our annual package. Alternatively, you can commission a survey with our Managed Services Team who will take care of everything from questionnaire design to scripting, panel sample and data analysis. However you choose to use Surveygoo, we offer affordable, manageable online research services.
  • What is Online Panel Access?

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    Online Panel Access is a direct channel to reaching millions of real consumers which can be accessed on a pay as you use basis directly within Surveygoo. Currently there are over 10 million business and consumer respondents in more than 50 countries. Each panel is quality assured against market research industry standards. Our Price and Feasibility calculator provides instant information to help you plan your survey. Most standard nationally representative surveys are completed within three days or sooner, and the calculator indicates likely delivery timescales.
  • Can I run surveys with other panels?

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    Yes. Online Panel Access is the easiest way to run a survey with an online panel. But Surveygoo is also optimised for the leading panel software tool, Cint Access, which enables ever greater targeting of sample.
  • Can I target specific groups in national populations?

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    Yes. There are occasions when you may only want to target certain age groups or regions within a population. You can do this directly within the targeting criteria, and we offer enhanced profiling capabilities such as household size, income, occupation, profession and size of business criteria. 
  • Can I use my own branding in surveys?

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    Yes. You can add your own logo to appear on the survey and the survey invitation email if you are using the internal Email Manager, as well as survey reports.
  • Do you offer questionnaire design and survey services?

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    Yes. As well as offering users the ability to design their own surveys, we offer a full range of online survey services, including questionnaire design, survey programming, online panels and data analysis services as a one stop managed service.

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