How to Export Survey Response Case Data

Survey data collected can be exported and shared with external statistical and analysis packages in two ways:
• Survey Responses Data File
• SPSS file
This How to Guide looks at exporting the Survey Responses Data file. The Survey Responses Data file is an export of the case data (e.g. the data provided for each respondent of a survey). It is a CSV file, which can be read into a spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel. Many statistical packages can import CSV data files, although it may be necessary to reformat or amend question labels in the third party software.
The Survey Responses Data file provides an easy means to review survey data, and includes the Respondent Id record of panel sample, required for removing individual case data. See How to Article, Removing Case Data.
Step 1: Locate Relevant Survey
Locate the relevant survey in the My Surveys page.
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Step 2: Go to Survey Reports Page
When you have found the relevant survey, click on the View Report, pie icon exportresponses2to be directed to the Survey Reports page.

At the top of the page all the reporting options are displayed.
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Step 3: Export Survey Responses (CSV) file
Look out for the exportresponses4link, and click on it.
Keep your browser open while the file is downloading. You will see a message requesting that you do not close your browser.
export survey data surveygoo
Once downloaded, open the CSV file in a suitable application (e.g. Microsoft Excel).

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