Moving Questions Between Pages

At any time during the survey design stage it is possible to move questions between pages as well as within a page.
Step 1: Locate Question to Move
Find the relevant question on the page in the Design Survey area. Also, check which page you wish to move it to.
Step 2: Edit Question
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Click on the Edit button (pencil icon).
move questions in surveygoo
Step 3: Select Target Page to Move Question
In the edit question mode, look for the drop down, Question Page Number.
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The current page number position appears in blue.
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Click on the page number in the drop down you wish to move the question to. Click the save button. 
Step 4: Review/Change the Question Order on Page
The question will appear in the target page. if the question is not in the desired position on the page, you can move it up or down as required.
Check Routing & Piping Instructions
It is recommended that changes in question order are made before page routing or piping is implemented. If questions are moved to a different page after piping and routing has been programmed, it may be necessary to set new instructions. Page routing and piping should be rechecked.

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