How to Remove Case Data

When & Why Is it necessary to Remove Case Data?
For any survey which has been conducted using Cint Access or Online Panel Access, it is possible to remove the case data using the respondent IDs collected from the survey panel.
There are occasions when it is necessary to remove individual responses (known as case data) from the survey data set, which is used to produce the standard Surveygoo data tables and reports outputs. For example, its possible that some individual respondents have completed the survey much faster than is considered reasonable, or the quality of responses of some respondents is poor.
In these circumstances it may be justifiable to remove the cases, although we would recommend agreeing which cases will be removed with Surveygoo first if Online Panel Access or Cint Access sample is being used.
Panel Quality Checks
See Article on Online Panel Sample Quality Checks, for more information on what to look for when checking panel sample quality.
Steps for Removing Case Data
Case data can only be removed from the Surveygoo tables and reports when using panel sample (e.g. Online Panel Access, Cint Access). If your survey is using sample from other sources, such as an email survey, and does not include panel sample, then it is not possibe to remove these cases from Surveygoo reports. However, if you are exporting the Survey Responses Data (CSV file) into another statistical analysis package, then any cases can be removed from this file as required.
Step 1: Review Case Data
Before removing case data it is necessary to identify which cases, if any, need to be removed. See the How to Guide on Exporting the Survey Responses Data File. Also see Article on Online Panel Sample Quality Checks, for what checks to do to identify poor case data.
Step 2: Download Survey Responses Data
Before removing case data it is highly recommended that the cases you wish to remove are kept for reference. Export the Survey Responses Data (CSV file) and keep a copy with the cases highlighted you wish to remove. It may be necessary to share this information with the panel company (e.g. Cint) or the Surveygoo Support Team at a later date. You can also use this file to review and highlight the cases you wish to remove.
Step 3: Highlight Cases - Respondent IDs
To remove case data we need to identify the unique reference number of the cases used by Online Panel Access / Cint Access. This is called a Respondent Id.

In the Survey Responses Data (CSV) file, using a spreadsheet application (e.g. Excel) look for the column called Respondent Id.
removing case data surveygoo
Next to the Respondent Id column is the panel sample source, under the column Origin. It will read Cint Access if sample has been sourced through Cint Access, or Cint Online Panel, if Online Panel Access has been used.

Highlight all the cases you intend to remove.
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Step 4: Copy Respondent IDs
When accessing the Survey Responses Data file, highlight each Respondent ID you wish to remove; copy it ready to paste.
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Step 5: Open Delete Responses Page
From the Survey Reports page, for the relevant survey, look for the Delete Responses link, which is at the top of the page.
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Click on the Delete Responses link.
Step 6: Paste IDs into Delete Responses Page
The Delete Responses page will appear.
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Now paste the individual respondent Ids you copied from the Survey Responses Data (CSV) file into the Delete Responses page. Make sure you paste them into the box called Respondent Ids, taking care to include a comma in between each respondent id and no gap.
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Click the Done button when you have entered all the Respondent Ids to be removed.
The cases will be removed immediately, and confirmation will be shown of the number of cases removed.
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