How to Review and Change Independent Sample Quotas

This How to Guide covers how to monitor the progress of sample quotas, and to edit and change quotas during survey fieldwork.

Please read the How to Guide on
Setting Up Independent Quotas first before reading this guide.
Quotas can be reviewed at any stage of a live survey. The Quota Control function can be accessed from both the Active Surveys area in the main Dashboard, and from the My Surveys page.
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Step 1: Review and Change Quotas
1) Click on Set Quota Icon
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Note the Quota Set  is the Cog Wheel/Gear icon.
All quotas set up for the survey are displayed on the Sample Control page.
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2) Click on Progress Bar Icon
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To review the status of a current quota (e.g. how many interviews have been completed for the quota), find the relevant quota, then click on the progress bar icon.

The summary status of the quota is displayed in a pop up window.
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The summary shows the current number of completes, the total required, and the progress of the quota being filled. Note this view allows you to review but not to edit quotas.

If there are no completes, the Reports column will show a "-".

If the quota is being filled, a pie chart icon will appear in the Reports column.
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3) Review Reports of Individual Quotas
To see a report of results for each question but filtered by individual quotas, click on the pie icon (e.g. questions filtered by Male respondents). The report is shown in the Quota Reports page and can also be exported as a PDF. This is a good way to monitor results of individual quotas without setting up cross tabulations.
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Step 2: Editing Quotas
It is sometimes necessary to edit quotas during fieldwork, to achieve a higher or lower target to reflect the progress of the fieldwork targets.

Note you can increase or decrease a quota size after launch, but if a sample number has already been achieved, setting a new quota below the number already achieved would not be valid.
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Click on the pencil icon in the Sample Quota Control page for the relevant quota.
The edit quota pop up box will appear.
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Adjust quota totals, then click on the Done button.

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