How to Send Email Survey Invitations

There are two ways to share surveys with respondents via email:
• Surveygoo Email Manager – an in built email manager, which includes a List Manager to upload databases
• Share Survey Link via External Email Packages, including Outlook or third party service providers such as Direct Mail (for Mac users) or Dot Mailer (which is a web based service).
Which Solution Should I Use?
Both methods are equally valid, but a third party service is likely to offer additional reporting and tracking of the email campaign, and will also provide a means to add graphics and images to the survey invitation. On the other hand, the in built Email Manager provides a simple mechanism to send survey invitations, it includes limited custom branding, and is a good alternative for users who do not have third party email client services. 
Steps for Using Surveygoo Email Manager
Step 1: Select Sample Source
The Email Manager feature is accessed when selecting the sample source at the Define Survey Stage. Select the Tab called Own Sample.
email manager surveygoo
Step 2: Upload Sample
To upload a database (sample) which the survey invitation will be sent to, follow these steps.
1) Go to main Dashboard by clicking on the Dashboard Tab
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2) Click on the Manage List link, which is found in the Your Account area, in the top left hand side of the main Dashboard
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3) Define the list name. Click on the Add New button to add a new database (email list)
Then enter the name of the list in the pop up box.
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4) Add contacts to the list. Either add contacts one at a time, by clicking on the Add Contact icon email6 and fill out the appropriate details for the contact in the contact pop up box
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The alternative (and recommended approach for larger email lists) is to import a database of contacts into the list. To do this, click on the relevant list name, then click on the Import Button. email8
The Import List page then appears. Follow the instructions on the page, making sure you acknowledge the terms and conditions. There is a sample CSV format database to download as an example.
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When you are ready to upload, click on the Choose File button, select the relevant file and click on the Upload button.
5) Verify or Add Email Template
Surveygoo has a default email invitation which can be reviewed, or new email templates can be added. Click on the Email Templates link email10 in the Your Account area in the Dashboard.
The Email template page shows all available email templates.
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Email12 Click on the magnifying glass icon to review templates. The full content of the email will be displayed as it would be displayed to a respondent.
Email13To edit an existing email, click on the pencil icon. 
The Email Template page will appear. Enter name details and the required email message for the survey.
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Email15Alternatively, click on the Create New Template link, to add a new email message.
Step 3: Send Email
When you have uploaded your database and have an email invitation script, you are ready to launch the survey. At the Launch Survey Page you need to Select the email template to be used, before setting the dates of the survey email campaign.
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Steps for Using External Email Service Providers
Step 1: Select Sample Source
If you are looking to share your survey via an external email service provider, ensure that you select the Other tab, at the Select Sample Source step  during the initial Define Survey stage.
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Step 2: Launch Survey
At the Launch Survey page, you need to follow these steps:
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1) Select Fieldwork Dates
2) Copy the survey url and paste/share it
Copy the survey url which appears underneath the fieldwork dates fields. You can then share the survey url of the live survey via email, social media or any other channel you wish.

If you have already launched the survey, the live url address can be accessed from the Active Surveys area in the main Dashboard page. 
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Email12Click on the magnifying glass icon to review the url.

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