How to Set up Cross Tabulations

Cross Tabulations (also called "Cross Tabs") is an analysis tool which provides a relatively easy way to explore relationships in the data between questions and groups. Cross Tabs need to be specified (e.g. which questions they will be generated from) and it is necessary to have an appropriate subscription to use the Cross Tab function.

For more information on Cross Tabs, see our Article,
How to Read Survey Data Tables.
Step 1: Access Reports Page
1) Click on the My Surveys tab, at the top of the Dashboard page
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2) Look for the relevant survey in the My Surveys page, and then click on the View Report icon
Step 2: Define Cross Tabulations
At the top of the Survey Reports page are the reporting options available for your subscription.
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1) Click on cross tabs link
Click on the Crosstab Filters link, HTCT2and the  Cross Tab page will be displayed.
2) Create New Filter
Click on the Create New Filter Link HTCT4
3) Name the Cross Tab
In the Cross Tab configure page, give the cross tab a name. Use a specific reference you will recognize, such as a question or question label reference to easily identify what the cross tab analyses. 
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4) Choose Question Variables
Next, choose a variable (Question) from the first part of the page, which will appear in the column of the cross tab. Then scroll down and find the page section which is titled *Vertical: Table Rows, to select a variable to be included in the rows of the cross tabulation.

So, in this example, Q3 will appear in the column of the table, and Q8 in the rows. We have selected all attributes of the variable (answers of the question).
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Scroll to the end of the page and click the Edit button, HTCT7to save your settings.
Step 3: Review Created Cross Tab
Your saved cross tabs are displayed in the Cross Tab page, where you can edit itquota review 5, view it  CustomDT2, or delete it HTC8.
1) Click on the pie icon to review a cross tab
The cross tab is displayed and can be reviewed on page. Alternatively, the table can exported as a PDF and Excel file.
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For more information on how to read a Cross Tab, see Article How to Read Survey Data Tables.

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