How to Custom Brand Surveys and Reports

The standard look of any Surveygoo survey includes the branding of the Survegoo logo. Sometimes it is necessary to brand a survey with a company logo. Custom branding allows you to add a logo to a) the survey b) email invitation (if using Surveygoo Email Manager) c) reports.
Step 1: Add Your Own Logo
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When designing your survey, click on the Custom Branding link, which appears at the top of the Design Survey page. You need to have an appropriate subscription to access the Custom Branding feature.
Step 2: Upload File
The Custom branding pop up will appear. We recommend that the image is 126 x 62.
custom logo branding surveygoo
Click on the Choose File button and select the requried logo.
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Click on Save button when ready.

At the Launch Survey page, you can preview how the logo will look in the live survey. 
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If you are using Surveygoo Email Manager to send the survey invitations to your own database of contacts, the invitation will also carry your logo.
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Standard reports of the survey results will also show your logo. 
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