How to Set Up a Drop Down Question

Drop down questions are single code. Used in most online surveys they are ideal for collecting answers from a short list. Surveygoo also features a Slider style option which allows a larger number of options in the same space.
Step 1: Select Drop Down Question
Having defined your survey, you will start adding questions from the Design Survey page.
All question types available are displayed in the upper right hand side of the page.
define online surveys surveygoo
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Add a page and click on the Drop Down question link (black arrow icon)
Step 2: Enter Question & Answer Fields
Select Standard or Slider question type.
Standard Question
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Slider Question
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Complete the fields and steps as follows:
• Step 1: Click on Standard or Slider option
• Step 2: Enter your question
• Step 3: Tick Randomize if question answers need to be shown in random order
• Step 4: Enter your answers
• Step 5: Click on Add Answer to add more answer options
• Step 6: Click on Save 
Step 3: Preview Question
If you want to preview your questions, you will need to proceed to the Launch page, and click on the Preview button.
Standard Drop Down
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Slider Drop Down
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