How to Set Up a Matrix Question

Matrix questions are also known as Grid questions. 
Step 1: Select Matrix Question
Having defined your survey, you will start adding questions from the Design Survey page. All question
types available are displayed in the upper right hand side of the page.
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Add a page and click on the Matrix question link (bullet point icon)
Step 2: Enter Question, Rows & Column Fields
matrix questions surveygoo
Complete the fields and steps as follows:
• Step 1: Click on Single Choice or Multiple Choice
• Step 2: Enter your question
• Step 3: Tick Randomize if required
• Step 4: Enter Rows (e.g. question answers)
• Step 5: Enter Columns (e.g. scale or labels in the grid columns)
• Step 6: Click on Add Row or Add Column to add more rows and columns
• Step 7: Click on Add Comments Field if an "other" answer is required
• Step 8: Click on Save
Step 3: Preview Question
If you want to preview your questions, you will need to proceed to the Launch page, and click
on the Preview button.
Single Choice Question
Respondents can only select one answer from the column/scale for each row. When a respondent
places the mouse over the options, a grey tick mark appears; actual selections appear as a tick
in a blue circle.
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Multiple Choice Question
Respondents can select multiple options in the row. Selections appear as a tick in a blue box. 
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