How to Use Online Panel Access Sample Tool

The simplest way to run a survey with an online panel is to use the Online Panel Access sample facility. Surveygoo is partnered with Cint to provide easy access to hundreds of panels worldwide. For a more detailed walkthrough of how to use Online Panel Access, see the User Guide.
What is Online Panel Access/Cint Link?
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Surveygoo includes an API (Cint link) between the survey tool and panels hosted by Cint, which allows Surveygoo users to order panel sample and launch a survey without any additional programming, or inserting of panel urls.
This How to Guide, provides a quick overview of how to launch a survey using Online Panel Access.
Step 1: Define the Survey
Define the survey, completing the Survey Title and Survey Category.

Make sure "External Sample" is selected for the Sample Source. Note when the mouse is hovered over External Sample, we see the alert, "Buy sample from Online Panel Access".
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Step 2: Design the Survey
Add required questions to the survey.
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Step 3: Choose Theme
Select the available theme design for the survey.
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Step 4: Preview Survey
Preview the survey before launching by clicking on the Preview button.
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Step 5: Enter Sample Targeting Requirements
Make required selections for targeting sample, including completes, age and other demographics. The number of questions is filled out automatically.
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Click on the Continue button when ready, to obtain a price for the sample you are about to purchase.
The price will then be displayed.
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Step 6: Launch the Survey
When you are ready you can now launch the survey. If you have a Pay as You Go account, you will need to pay for the sample now to launch the survey.
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Click on the Pay Now button.
If you have a Key Plan Account you can launch the survey now and pay for the sample at the end of the month.
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Click on the Launch Survey button if you have a Key Plan Account.
Finally, confirm if you are ready to launch.
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