How to Check Costs & Feasibility of Online Panel Access

What is Online Panel Access?
Online Panel Access is a built in tool which allows Surveygoo users to connect directly with more than 10 million quality assured online panelists in more than 50 countries. Surveygoo is partnered with Cint giving direct access to some of the best and most reliable online panels used by market research professionals across the world. Accessing panels is seamless within Surveygoo, so there are no complicated links or code to install. Simply design your survey, target the desired panel sample and launch the survey.
Checking the Price and Feasibility of Panel Samples
If you want to see whether sufficient panelists are available and to get a price for using Surveygoo online panels, use the Online Panel Access Feasibility and Price Calculator.
Step 1: Find Feasibility & Price Calculator
The pricing calculator is located in the Our Panels page in the top navigation bar. Look for the Panel Costs - DIY link in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Click on this page and scroll to the bottom of the page.
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You will see an embedded calculator.
online panel access feasibility and price surveygoo
Step 2: Enter Basic Details
Complete the following fields within the Basics Tab:
  • Select Country
  • Select Region: all or specific regions
  • Number of questions
  • Number of survey completes required
  • Gender: both or male or female
  • Age: min & max (you can leave blank)
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Click on the Continue button when you have made the required selections.
Step 3: Enter Profiling Details
The calculator has three core profiling categories in the Profiling Tab:
  • Education Level
  • Occupation Status
  • Household income
You can select All for each profiling target, select individual targets, or leave it blank. Bear in mind that each option you select will reduce the number of available panellists.
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Targeting criteria include education levels, occupation, household size, profession, and more. See available targeting below.
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Click on the Continue button when you have made the required selections.
There are other profiling criteria we can use within Surveygoo (see Targeting Sample capabilities) when you are logged into your user account, but for the purposes of checking feasibility and prices for general consumer samples, the Online Panel Access Calculator offers an instant and easy check.
Step 4: Overview of Price & Feasibility
Having made your required selections, the Overview screen is displayed, showing a summary of target selections.
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The calculator displays:
  • Price (£)
  • Delivery: estimated number of days
  • Available respondents: total number possible
Please note that the calculator offers a conservative view of timescales - the surveys are usually completed earlier than the indicated timescales. The number of available respondents refers to the number of panelists available to take the survey at this time, and is the guaranteed number of completions.
Step 5: Run Several Scenarios
If you need to run several calculations with different target settings, make sure you press the refresh button in your browser.

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