Create a Survey Using Questionnaire Templates

Surveygoo has a library of online questionnaire templates, covering a range of survey objectives, and can be used or adapted for a new survey. The questionnaire templates save time by giving a head start to developing a questionnaire and offer the user ideas for what types of question can be included for common survey objectives. e.g. customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, ad testing, etc.
Step 1: Log into your Surveygoo Account
In the Dashboard page, look for the Questionnaire Templates section. It is placed about half way down the page.
questionnaire template dashboard surveygoo
Step 2: Select Questionnaire Template
All available Questionnaire Templates are accessible within a slider box.Use the left and right arrow buttons located on the left and right hand ends of the Questionnaire Templates slider to review all templates. Note Freemium users have access to a limited number of templates. Paid Subscribers have access to a wider choice of templates.
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When you are ready to select a questionnaire template, click on Create Copy.
Step 3: Define Survey
The questionnaire template is now ready to be used in a new survey.
The copied questionnaire template needs to be defined in the Define Survey screen.
Follow the steps for defining the questionnaire.   
• Step 1: Use existing or change the Survey Title
• Step 2: Select Survey Category
• Step 3: Select Sample Source 
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Step 4: Amend Questionnaire or Launch Survey
You are now ready to review the questions in the template. You can amend the existing questions or add questions in the Design Survey Screen. 

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