How to Set Up a Rich Text Question

Rich Text Questions are technically not a question in the sense that no data is collected from respondents for this question type.
What is a Rich Question used for?
It is used as a placement area to add text and pictures in the questionnaire. For example, to introduce the survey, set context, describe a product or service. As well as providing a space to add text, you can also add an image or series of still images.
Step 1: Select Rich Text Question
In the Design Survey Dashboard (where questions are added to the survey) look for the Rich Text question icon.
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Step 2: Add Text and Images
The rich text question pop up box will appear.
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Add text in the box. You can change the size and pagination of the text and change the appearance (e.g. font size, bold, italics, etc).

To upload an image, click on the Choose File button under Upload Image, then select an image file from your local server/computer. N.B. The maximum width of an image should be no more than 700 pixels.

You can select additional images by clicking on the Add More button.
Step 3: Preview Question
To see how the Rich text question will appear to respondents, click on the Preview button in the Launch Page.
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Respondents can expand the individual images by clicking on the image icons in the questionnaire, to see a pop up of each image.
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Step 4: Edit Rich Text Questions
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You can edit the rich text question, to add more text or images. In the Design Page Dashboard, look for the Rich Text question and click on the Edit Question button (pencil icon).

Now you can edit text, delete images or add more images by clicking on the Add More button.
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When adding images, an Upload Image box will appear. Click on Choose File to add another image.
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