How to Create and Download Standard Data Tables

Standard Data Tables provide an easy means to read the full survey results. The tables are created automatically and are read in Microsoft Excel.

The format of Standard Data Tables includes any pre-set demographic questions set up in the questionnaire. These will appear in the Key Breaks (sometimes called Banners or Data Columns) such as age, gender and region.
Reading Data Tables
For more information on data tables, see our How to Article, Reading Data Tables.
Custom Data Tables
If you need to add extra Key Breaks then you will need to either use the Custom Data Tables feature (if you have an appropriate subscription) or export your data into a third party statistics application. The Custom Data Tables feature is an easy and quick means of adding Breaks to the Standard breaks of age, gender and region based on questions included in the survey. More on Custom Data Tables>
Standard Data Tables, however, provide a granular view of the main data set and often is suffiicient for basic analysis needs.  
Step 1: Access Reports Page
1) Click on the My Surveys tab, at the top of the Dashboard page
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2) Look for the relevant survey in the My Surveys page, and then click on the View Report icon
Step 2: Download Data Tables
At the top of the Survey Reports page are the reporting options available for your subscription.
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1) Click on the Standard Data Tables (Excel)  link, and the file will download
This may take some time, depending on the size of the data file (which is determined by the number of questions and survey responses and whether any piping was included). You will see a warning message to keep your browser open while the file downloads.
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2) Open file
Mac Users
The filename will be a number (e.g. 446) corresponding to the number reference of the survey. To read the tables, manually type a .xls extension at the end of the filename, then double click on the file to open it, or open the file directly from Excel. Note .xlsx extensions do not work if you have Excel 2011 for Mac.

PC Users
For PC users, the filename automatically includes the .xls extension used to read Excel files. Double click on the file or open it in Excel. 
Tables can now be reviewed. The new Key Breaks will appear in columns on the right after the Default Standard Breaks (e.g. age, gender and region). Each answer code for the question will be displayed separately. So for example, Q3 has a column entry for the "More than once a week" answer code as well as "Once a week", etc.
The data tables can now be reviewed.
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