How to Use Cint Access & Survey Redirects

There are two ways to use Online Panels with Surveygoo.
1) Online Panel Access
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The easiest method is to use Online Panel Access, which provides direct access to online panels provided via Cint Link. More information on how to use Online Panel Access. See the Quick Guide: Surveygoo Online Panel Access in the Quick Guide Tutorials Area.
2) Cint Access
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In addition to using Online Panel Access, Surveygoo can be used with other Access Panel providers. Surveygoo is optimised to be used with Cint Access and we recommend using Cint Access. The main reason for using Cint Access panel tool rather than Online Panel Access is that it allows greater targeting capabilities, as well as Sample Quota Controls.
How to Use Cint Access
This guide covers how to set up the survey redirects when using Cint Access. You will need to have an account with Cint Access Sample Tool or Surveygoo can manage the process for you.
Step 1: Define the Survey
Define the survey, completing the Survey Title and Survey Category.

Make sure "Other" sample is selected for the Sample Source.
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Step 2: Programme Redirects
Having created the survey, before launching the survey, programme the required panel redirects for the panel company.
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The Custom Redirect link is displayed on the Design page in the dashboard.
survey redirects surveygoo
The Custom Redirect pop up page will appear.
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Make sure you are using the exact urls required.
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Step 3: Launch Survey in Surveygoo
Step 4: Review Launched Survey URL
The preview, test and live urls are displayed in the My Surveys or Active Surveys area. Click on the magnifying glass to review the url address. If the panel company needs to review the survey link before live launch with a panel, you can share the Test survey link (Note the Test url is a preview: it does not collect IDs or register any completes).
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Step 5: Amend Survey URL & Share With Panel Company/Sample Tool
To use Surveygoo with Cint Access it is necessary to amend the url as follows.
The test url can be used as it is displayed.
The live url will need to be amended.
Url (live survey) example:

Add to the end of the url the following:

The amended url will appear as:[ID]
If using Cint Access, paste this into the link template field.
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Step 6: Export Respondent IDs
Surveygoo captures the IDs of panelists who have completed the survey. Surveygoo captures IDs using static links, which means the IDs will need to be manualy sent to the panel company after the project is completed.
These are found in the Survey Responses Data File (Raw Data CSV file)
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The file is available in the Report Dashboard. Click on the Survey Responses Data link to download the file.
Once the file has been exported, the respondent IDs are provided in the column Respondent Id.
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Add On & Full Service
Surveygoo teams can run projects on your behalf which use Online Panel Access or online panels. See Add On Services or contact Surveygoo for more information.

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