How to Apply Theme Designs to Surveys

Surveygoo has a library of questionnaire theme designs, which add impact and help respondents to engage with surveys. Each theme consists of a background, frame and progress bar. Select a pre-configured design or modify the theme with a different background.
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Step 1: Select Theme
In the Design Survey stage, at the bottom of the Dashboard page, the area called Theme Properties, allow you to choose a theme design available with your subscription.
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Follow these steps.
1) Click on Choose Your Template
2) Click on Choose Your Frame (or leave default setting)
3) Click on Choose Select Theme Background (or leave default setting)
When you select the Template design, there is a default setting for the frame, background and progress bar. The pre set template can be modified by changing the background design element.
Step 2: Preview Theme Design
When a theme template is chosen, the design of the theme is displayed in the Theme Preview area, which is directly below the Theme Properties area. The theme preview is based on a standardised design rather than your questionnaire.
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Step 3: Preview Questionnaire with Theme Design
To see how the design chosen looks for your questionnaire, move to the Launch Survey stage.
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Once you have chosen the theme design at the Theme Properties area in the Design Survey stage, click on the Next button to advance to the Launch stage.
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At the bottom of the Launch Survey page, click on the Preview Survey button. 
Your survey with the selected theme design can then be previewed as a working test survey. Launch the survey when ready, or go back to the Design Survey stage to make amendments or to change the theme design.
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