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pr surveys
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Why Use PR Surveys?

Generate Content, Headlines and Talking Points Using PR Surveys

Are you tired of the same old PR tactics that seem to yield little results? Look no further than surveys! Not only do they provide valuable insights into your target audience, but they can also help achieve your PR objectives.

In this blog post, we'll explore how surveys ...

diy research and research consultants
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Consultants vs DIY Research

Why Market Research Consultants are Important

Are you thinking of conducting your own market research? While the idea may seem cost-effective and efficient, it's important to understand the potential risks involved. DIY market research can lead to biased data, inaccurate insights, and ultimately poor business decisions. That's why hiring ...

principles of questionnaire design
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Question Design

Questionnaire Design for Engaging Surveys

10 Good Questionnaire Design Principles

Respondent focussed questionnaire design is essential to achieve high quality responses at at time when survey takers have so much choice to occupy their time. Our members on GooPoll are responsive to surveys, and are incentivised as ...

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Population and Demographics

Nationally Representative Samples

Impact magazine published an article earlier this year about the concept of ‘nationally representative’ samples. They posed questions about whether the indicators used to determine demographics needed to change to reflect society today. The article also looked at the statistical impact of using different ...

data tables and cross tabs
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Basics of Data Reporting

Cross Tabulations - The Workhorse of Data Reporting

Data tables are the workhorse of data reporting for the vast majority of polls and surveys. It’s also the go to data format analysts and market researchers still use as the starting point to analyse and report data. It’s not hard to see why. Anyone used to working with spreadsheets, and ...

goopoll survey panel
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New Survey Panel

GooPoll Survey Panel is Now Launched

We have great news to share with our clients and panel members community. Our new survey community platform, GooPoll, is now live!

  • The platform went live today and has been developed to:Improve user experience of panel members
  • Enable us to process surveys faster and more cost effectively

Benefits ...

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