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Consumers Cutting Back On Groceries

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As Inflation Bites, Consumers Cut Back On Groceries

SurveyGoo Tracker Survey shows increasing sensitivity to inflation for Groceries

As inflation continues to impact the price of groceries in the UK and USA, our tracker survey, conducted with Food PR agency, Ingredient Communications, indicates consumers are cutting back on groceries. Our survey, first conduced in November 2021, was respected a year later.

Survey Finding Highlights

The survey found that 28.8% of respondents in the UK stopped buying a food or beverage in the previous three months, due to an increase in price. This was almost double the figure recorded 10 months earlier (16.1%). It also found that nearly half of respondents (46.6%) had purchased a product less often, compared with 35.2% previously. More than half (53.4%) said they had to switch to a cheaper brand, compared with 37.3% the year before in the UK.The survey was conducted in the UK and USA. The results below show the UK data of 500 consumers polled in December 2021 and October 2022.

Key Findings

  • Soaring food prices in UK force consumers to make hard choices when making food purchases
  • Significant increase in consumers trading out, dropping buying, buying less often or moving to cheaper brands
  • Year on year food inflation of 14.6% in September 2022
  • Nearly all respondents had noticed food and beverage price increases in the last three months

See summary results of the UK data: 2021 - 2022

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