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Choosing the Right Online Survey Company

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We specialise in Online Surveys
Looking for an effective but affordable online survey company? Online surveys is our speciality. Quant surveys online, surveys which use online panels, mobile surveys, and online focus groups. Anything online! We run big and small studies, both in the UK and internationally. Whether its the UK, Singapore or Australia, we can help.

Online Surveys Redefined

We know how to design online surveys which engage with participants and uncover real insight. Our proprietary survey tool was designed, not just to make creating surveys and reporting data a simpler process, but also to address the need to engage survey participants. Stunning theme designs and interactive question styles look great and encourage engagement. We think our survey tools, approach and experience make us stand out from other online survey companies.
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opini research panels
Market Research Survey Panels
We operate our own market research panels in the UK and Asia Pacific. Each Opini consumer survey panel is built and managed to recognised industry standards. Our online panels also benefit from Deep Profiling of member's characteristics including income, education, field of expertise, industry sector, household data, ownership of products and brands, and many more data points.
Global and Specialist Online Survey Panels
We work with both global and local online research panel companies all over the world. We have some strong relationships with leading as well as lesser known companies, which means we can deliver quality, targeted panelists for most types of audiences. Everything from business travellers, to young mums, to students, healthcare professionals and business decision makers..
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Consumer Insight
Our business is to explore the needs, attitudes and behaviour of consumers and businesses. Our expertise and experience includes branding, opinion polls, product testing, ad testing, audience segmentation and more.