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If you need to reach specialist audiences or particular demographics (e.g. drivers, young mums, early adopters, etc) please contact us for a feasibility and quote.

Omnibus Surveys UK

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We offer a weekend Omnibus Survey in the UK. Running from Thursday afternoon, with results delivered the following Monday afternoon.
Surveygoo Omnibus offers a cost effective, hassle-free service for conducting omnibus surveys in the UK.

How Our Omnibus Surveys Work

1. Decide on the sample size you want & No. Questions
Choose a sample size of 500 or 1,000. You can have as many or as few questions as you like.

2. Send us your Final Questionnaire
We need a final, approved questionnaire by Thursday 1.00 pm. Include any images or video if required.

3. Questionnaire Review
We will conduct a free questionnaire review and provide feedback if any changes are needed and to confirm costs.

4. Survey Scripting
We will script the survey into a fully functioning online survey using our proprietary survey tool.

5. Send Survey to Survey Panel
The survey will be sent to our survey panel until we have reached the set number of interviews.

6. Data Analysis & Reporting
Survey results will be produced in Excel as standard data tables, including age, gender and region.

Online Omnibus Surveys

Our online omnibus surveys provide an efficient and cost-effective means to conduct market research on a tight deadline. For more information on our omnibus surveys in the UK, contact Surveygoo on +44 (0) 1342 824656 or email us at
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