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Our Quick Poll Omnibus survey service is perfect for short, simple surveys with standardised audiences.

Consumer & Business Omnibus Surveys


Our Omnibus Quick Poll packages are perfect for reaching standardised general population and business repondents. Need a Bespoke Poll instead? read more

If you need more flexibility and customised support to reach more specific audiences, bespoke surveys are an affordable but more individualised alternative to our Omnibus Quick Polls. Includes survey programming & hosting for a range of question types, data tables, topline reports and charts-based summaries.

UK General Population

Need to survey general population audiences in the UK?

UK Business Audiences

Need to survey respondents in UK businesses?

Bespoke Polls & Surveys

Need to reach more targeted niche audiences? Use our Bespoke Polls.

Which Quick Poll ?

Not sure which Quick Poll you need? See our General Population or Business Polls.

Consumer Omnibus


1 - 10 questions

  • N= 500/1000/2000
  • 4 - 5 days delivery


1 - 10 questions

  • N= 500/1000/2000
  • 2 - 3 days delivery


1 - 10 questions

  • N= 500/1000/2000
  • 1 - 2 days delivery
Business Omnibus
1-250 employees


1 - 10 questions

  • N= 500/1000/2000
  • 5 - 10 days delivery
1-1000+ employees


1 - 10 questions

  • N= 500/1000/2000
  • 5 - 10 days delivery
Business Decision Makers


1 - 10 questions

  • N= 500/1000/2000
  • 5 - 10 days delivery
A simple process to deliver insight

Get your Quick Poll with a simple 4 step process.



Select Audience, Sample Size and Number of Questions. Order & Pay Fee.


Set Up

Send us your Questions. We will programme the survey in our polling platform.



We connect the survey to our engaged panels via our polling platform.



Analyse the data, produce easy to read reports highlighting key insights.

Price Illustrations

UK Gen Pop Quick Polls

Number Questions and Plan1000 Completes2000 Completes
Mini, 4-5 questions£625£930
Mini, 9-10 questions£945£1,450
Quick, 4 - 5 questions£780£1,160
Quick, 9-10 questions£1,180£1,790
Rapid, 4 - 5 questions£935£1,925
Rapid, 9-10 questions£1,400£2,720
Price Illustrations

UK Business Polls

Number Questions and Audience1000 Completes2000 Completes
4-5 Questions, SMEs All Employees£1,310£2,140
9-10 Questions, SMEs All Employees£1,540£2,400
4-5 Questions, All Sizes All Employees£995£1,790
9-10 Questions, All Sizes All Employees£1,230£2,025

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, if your survey is within the question specifications agreed. We will review your draft questions and confirm which plan and fixed price is appropriate. If the scope changes later (e.g. additional questions or sample focus changes) we would advise on additional costs or if a different plan is needed.

Quick polls are hosted on our Survey Platform. Send your finalised questions to us in word or a txt document. Our hosting team will set up the survey. Once ready, a test link will be sent to review and provide any feedback. Once approved the survey will go live.

We are full members of the Market Research Society and Independent Consultants group.

Yes, they are different. Typical Omnibus services brought cost savings at the expense of flexibility. Typically, a survey is run on only set days of the week, with results being delivered on specific dates. e.g. surveys go live on a Tuesday or Thursday, and results delivered on the following Tuesday or Thursday.

Our Quick Polls bring cost advantages without sacrificing flexible timing. They can be run on any day of the working week, with results provided within a few days. For example, a Quick Poll which goes live on a Friday morning would likely have results on a Monday.

Our lowest price band is 1-3 questions. You can run just one question and up to three questions in this price band. Quick Polls have a maximum of 10 questions. If you need more than 10 questions, we offer bespoke polling services which are flexible and affordable alternative for larger polls and surveys.

Quick Polls are a service for ready-to-go surveys. We offer impartial advice on your survey, including the most cost effective audience sampling and review of draft questions for sense and spell checking. Questionnaire Design services can be added for an additional fee.

Apart from saving you time, our team are experienced in online survey design, and will reduce the chances of making mistakes that individuals less familiar with setting up surveys can make. Our own polling platform was designed to streamline survey design, data collection and fast reporting of data. There are also options to get help with reporting outputs, saving you time to pick out the key themes and stories in the data.

Consumer (General Population) Quick Polls take between 1 and 5 days, depending on the type of Quick Poll plan. For example, a Mini Poll takes 4-5 days, a Quick Poll 2-3 days and a Rapid Poll just 1-2 days. Business Quick Polls take longer.

The standard outputs included under Consumer Quick Polls include:

  • Banner Tables (Excel)
  • Topline Tables (PPT) - Net% & Age
  • Banner Breaks - Age/Gender/Region

Who we've worked with

We work with PR agencies, independents and directly with brands


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