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Opinion Polls

Surveygoo have significant experience in conducting credible, reliable UK opinion polls and omnibus surveys in the UK. We can deliver high quality opinion polls at affordable prices. We have worked with a range of PR and marketing agencies over the years, who use us for our expert ability to conduct quality opinion polls in the UK.

The Benefits of Opinion Polls

UK opinion polls are regularly used by PR agencies and marketers. They offer great opportunities to identify a theme or a subject to gain general publicity for a brand or an organisation. They can also underpin specific campaign messages, from issues of public safety to campaigns reinforcing brand or product launches.
Choose from Three Online Polling Services
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On Demand

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Omnibus Surveys

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Self Serve

Why Use Surveygoo for your next UK Opinion Poll?

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Independent, Objective Opinion Polls
Some polling companies are owned by PR agencies and media groups, or are part of Press Agencies. Surveygoo are truly independent. You can rely on us completely to act for PR Agencies and end clients, to design polls which are credible, effective, affordable, and at the same time adhere to good research practice.

No Hidden Costs, and Great Value Add

Every UK opinion poll we work on includes a free evaluation of the questionnaire. Where we can, we add value, checking the quality and objectives of the poll against the questionnaire. We don’t load on charges for grid questions, photos, movie clips or standard demographics.

For more information or advice on our online opinion poll services, contact us today.
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Polling Company Experience

As a polling company, we have experience of every type of poll, from Gen Pop to parents, young Mums to silver surfers and assisted surf. Every month we conduct polls on behalf of major and challenger brands from a range of business sectors.

Food & Drink


Consumer Tech

Home & DIY

Charity / Not for Profit

Travel & Hotels

Self Serve Model

Our unique self serve product allows clients to conduct their own polls using our easy to use survey tool. Its ideal for running small polls with a general population. Simply design the survey in our tool, select the sample audience, and download the results when the survey is complete.
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Create a Poll Among our Consumer Panels Using Our Survey Tool
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On Demand Agency Services

We offer a full agency service to design and deliver polls as a one stop, hassle free service with quick turnarounds (typically from 48 hours) and full support. Add on services include charting, analysis and infographics.

Our Agency, Full Service includes:
  • Project management
  • Questionnaire review
  • Survey programming
  • Respondent incentives
  • Standard Data Tables
  • Summary Report (Topline)
  • Analysis Support
How It Works

1. Decide on the sample size you want & No. Questions
Choose a sample size of 500, 1,000 or 2,000. You can have as many or as few questions as you like.

2. Send us your Final Questionnaire
We need a final, approved questionnaire by 1.00 pm if it is to go live the same afternoon. Include any images or video if required.

3. Questionnaire Review
We will conduct a free questionnaire review and provide feedback if any changes are needed and to confirm costs.

4. Survey Scripting
We will script the survey into a fully functioning online survey using our proprietary survey tool. If required the draft survey script can be reviewed before going live.

5. Send Survey to Survey Panel
The survey will be sent to our survey panel until we have reached the set number of interviews. Typically it takes 2 - 3 days to collect the desired number of responses. Surveys with specialist audiences may take longer.

6. Data Analysis & Reporting
Survey results will be produced in Excel as standard data tables, including age, gender and region. Bespoke tables with extra breaks can be produced on request. Optional outputs include charts and infographics.
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Omnibus Surveys

We offer a weekend Omnibus Survey in the UK. Running from Thursday afternoon, with results delivered the following Monday afternoon.
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