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A Market Research Company Providing Flexible and Affordable Services

Welcome to Survegoo, a full service market research company. We offer a full market research service in the UK for designing and implementing online surveys, including questionnaire design, survey programming and hosting online surveys as well as providing a full range of data analysis services.

At the same time, we offer access to our affordable but feature rich web based survey platform, Surveygoo Self Serve, which allows the user to create and run their own online surveys. 

Market Research Services

Tools & Services

We have experience of delivering market research services in the UK across a range of techniques and project types.
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Questionnaire Design
We know how to convert information objectives into an engaging online questionnaire which gets results.
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Hosting & Survey Programming
Let us handle the programming and host your survey for you. Our rates are very competitive.
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Research Design
We design the survey from scratch, including sample size, methodology, questionnaire and outputs.
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Data Analysis & Reporting
Everything from data tables, cross tabs, multivariate stats, dashboards and info graphics.
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Online Polls
Fast and affordable polling. Choose full service, omnibus or self serve.
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Test Ads, Messages & Communications
Test ads and creatives online with our consumer audiences.
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DIY: Build Your Own Online Survey
Our Self Serve Survey Tool is powerful, easy to use and we even offer a Pay As You Go option.
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Online Panels
Need to run a survey with a panel? We source and can manage the whole panel management process.