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Panel Quality

Panel quality is critical to the reliability of online surveys. All available panels accessed via Surveygoo Online Panel Access, are responsive quality assured panels which have been built and managed according to ESOMAR guidelines. We source survey participants which major global market research agencies use. We also only work with panels which pay fair and attractive incentives, which means the survey participants are more engaged and responsive to take your surveys.
Quality measures for our market research panels include:
  • Quarantine rules to ensure that survey participants are not over utilised
  • Surveys are checked to avoid language and logic issues
  • De-duplication controls to ensure surveys are not completed twice
  • Active quality measures to identify and remove poor quality respondents
  • Random and stratified sampling so we survey all people and not just high responders
  • Identification measures to validate respondents

Panel Partners

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Surveygoo is partnered with Cint, a global and recognised provider of online market research panels to the market research industry.
Opini panels are operated by Asia Opinions Ltd, which owns Surveygoo. Currently we have 12 panels in Asia Pacific.
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