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A Price Plan to Fit All Budgets

Looking for an online survey software solution in the UK? You've found it!

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Free Online Survey Tool

Choose from our free online survey tool and a range of affordable options.

Free Plan

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1 free survey every month

Perfect for Short Surveys
& Free!

7 questions / 100 responses per survey
Share via Weblink & Social Media
Real Time Results Dashboard

Pay As You Go: Standard

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1 Month / 3 Surveys

*Paid in full in advance

Great Value. Run 3 Surveys for just £4.98 per survey!

* option to buy panel respondents with Online Panel Access Sample Tool

20 questions / 1,000 responses per survey
Data Tables & Cross Tabs
Summary Reports & Raw Data
Page Routing
4 Stunning Themes

Pay As You Go: Premium

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3 Months / 5 Surveys

*Paid in full in advance

Loaded with Features when you need them.

* option to buy panel respondents with Online Panel Access Sample Tool

40 questions / 2,000 responses per survey
Custom Tables
Custom Branding
Question & Answer Piping
8 Stunning Themes

Standard (6 Months)

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200 Surveys per year

* 6 months paid in full in advance
Equivalent to £33.16 per month
14 day money back guarantee

Just £199 for 6 Months Access.

* option to buy panel respondents with Online Panel Access & Cint Access Sample Tool

50 questions / 5,000 responses per survey
SPSS Exports
Sample Quotas
Custom Redirects
4 Stunning Themes

Premium (12 Months)

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Unlimited Surveys per year

*12 months paid in full in advance.
Equivalent to £24.92 per month
14 day money back guarantee

Unlimited Use. Just £299 for the Year.

* option to buy panel respondents with Online Panel Access & Cint Access Sample Tool

80 questions per survey
Unlimited surveys & responses
SPSS Exports
Sample Quotas
Custom Redirects
8 Stunning Themes

Key Plan

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Unlimited Surveys per year

* Invoiced at end of each month
£33.25 per month
14 day money back guarantee

Invoiced Monthly. Just £399 for the Year.

* option to buy panel respondents with Online Panel Access & Cint Access Sample Tool

Same features as Premium Plan
Corporate Account
Fees Paid Monthly
Subject to Qualification


Pay as You Go Standard

Pay as You Go Premium

Standard Annual

Premium Annual






Subscription Period


1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

Number of surveys 27

1 Survey

3 Surveys

5 Surveys

200 Surveys


Number of questions

7 Questions

20 Questions

40 Questions

50 Questions

80 Questions

Number of responses 28






Question types






Questionnaire templates 1






Survey themes 2






Answer randomise 3
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Required answers 4
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Back button disable 5
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Page routing 6
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Question & answer piping 7
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Custom branding 8
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Sample quota control 9
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Share via weblink 10
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Email manager 11
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Change IP setting 12
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Custom redirects 13
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Response notification 14
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Results dashboard 15
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Standard data tables (Excel) 16
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Summary data report (PDF) 17
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Custom data tables (Excel) 18
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Stacks Image 6974
Cross tabulations 19
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Stacks Image 7226
Survey responses data (CSV) 20
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Export charts (PDF/JPEG) 21
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Stacks Image 7470
SPSS export 22
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Online support 23
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Stacks Image 8506
Telephone support 24
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Private domain 25
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User Discounts Add On Services 26

10% off

15% off

20% off

20% off

  1. Fast track your survey set up by using ready made questionnaire templates.
  2. Our surveys look great! Choose from a library of theme designs to make your surveys stand out and engage.
  3. Randomise the order of answers presented in the code frame of closed questions.
  4. Prompt and force survey participants to answer the question.
  5. Disable survey back button or include both forward and backwards buttons.
  6. Skip to different pages in the survey based on the answers of previous questions.
  7. Use collected answers to automatically populate questions & answers in other questions.
  8. Add a logo to your survey, email survey invitations and to summary data reports.
  9. Control the number of completes for demographics and key questions. Automatically closes the quota when filled.
  10. Share survey url via emails, websites and publish on social media.
  11. Easy to use integrated email manager. Upload contacts and send a customisable email invitation with respondent specific survey IDs.
  12. Override IP restriction setting to allow duplicate responses from the same IP address.
  13. Change redirect pages for quota fails, screen outs and terminates, when using online panels.
  14. Receive confirmation for each new survey complete. Ideal for feedback forms.
  15. Real time results of survey completes.
  16. Instantly generate data tables to read in Excel. Includes key demographic breaks.
  17. One click export of topline data from Survey reports dashboard in an easy to read PDF document.
  18. Customise data tables with additional standard breaks.
  19. Create cross tabs analysis in Excel and PDF reports.
  20. Export survey case data as a CSV file, for sharing with third party applications.
  21. Export individual charts as JPEG images or PDF files.
  22. Create SPSS syntax and data file.
  23. Email support, support desk and live chat.
  24. Free Telephone support for paid subscribers. Available 9 am - 5 pm UK BST.
  25. Use a choice of surveygoo or other survey urls and amend with a custom name (e.g. brand or company name).
  26. Subscribers qualify for discounts on Add On Services such as questionnaire design, programming and data analysis services.
  27. Total number of surveys within the subscription period.
  28. Number of responses allowed per survey.
Please read our Terms and Conditions before registering to use our online survey software.

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