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PR Surveys

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PR agencies have very specific requirements for conducting pr surveys. Surveygoo provides a perfect solution for all of these requirements. Use the Surveygoo online survey tool to create your own polls and online surveys, and connect with real consumers via Online Panel Access.

Alternatively, if you need an online survey company with experience of running polls and pr surveys, we can help. We offer a full service including questionnaire design, and scripting surveys as well as advice shaping the research.
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PR Surveys and Online Opinion Polls

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Opinion Polls

Opinion Polls are regularly used by PR Agencies and marketeers. They offer great opportunities to identify a theme or a subject to gain general publicity for a brand or an organisation. They can also underpin specific campaign messages, from issues of public safety to campaigns reinforcing brand or product launches. More on Online Opinion Polling Services and Omnibus Surveys
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Pitch Support
Conducting a survey ahead of a big client pitch is an excellent way to either demonstrate an understanding of key market or brand issues, or to conduct effectively a pilot research exercise to show how public opinion polling could be used as part of the campaign.  Depending on the objectives, it is possible to conduct a survey of just a few hundred interviews. Contact us for more information on how Surveygoo can help your client pitch. 
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Audience Message Testing
Audience Message Testing is designed to explore and test message concepts and specific messages. It is relevant to marketeers who are looking to position a brand, new service and marketing campaign. It is also key for PR managers who are looking to shape or calibrate campaign messages. Surveygoo provides a fast and cost effective way to conduct a poll to test messages, or get open ended feedback on key issues which can be used to shape messaging. 
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Market Segmentation
Market Segmentation research has two objectives:
  • to identify groups or niches of people with common interests, needs, motivations and behaviour
  • to understand how each group, or segment should be reached and engaged with
Market segmentation research provides an essential route map for reaching out to markets, or audiences, from which relevant products, services and audience messaging can be successfully developed.
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