costs for survey panels
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Panel Costs & Feasibility

Online Panel Access

Online Panel Access is a quick sample tool for accessing millions of quality assured panelists in over 50 countries. Simply script your survey in Surveygoo and select the appropriate sample targets using Online Panel Access.
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Panel Feasibility & Pricing Calculator

To get an idea of costs and feasibility, please use our Online Panel Access calculator. The sample tool is available for survey tool subscribers, and is charged on a pay per use basis. Costs for additional targeting criteria is available within the survey tool.

Panel Services

We operate our own network of consumer panels and we regularly run surveys both in the UK and Asia Pacific covering a wide range of audiences. So whether you need to reach drivers, regular travellers, Waitrose shoppers or users of specific brands of tablet devices, we can help.

Need Help Designing a Survey? Our Add On Service covers survey design, survey programming and panel sampling.