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Surveygoo has a range of core and interactive question types designed for all types of survey. Our core question types include Choice, Open End and Drop Down. We also offer a growing list of interactive style questions, such as Drag and Drop and Slider Matrix, which not only look great and really engage with survey participants, but are easy to programme too.
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Choice 1

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Rich Text 2

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Drag & Drop 3

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Image 4

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Video 5

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Open End 6

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Matrix 7

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Drop Down 8

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Sum Scale 9

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Emoticons 10

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Slider 11

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Ranking 12

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Slider Matrix 13

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  1. One of the most popular question types. Displayed in option boxes, making options easy to read.
  2. Not strictly a question, but a versatile space to add instructions, text and images before questions.
  3. Interactive grid with circles or tick marks, which need to be dragged on to the grid scale
  4. Features an image and an open end text box. Choice questions also have the option of adding an image.
  5. Features a video embedded from You Tube. Videos can also be added to Choice questions.
  6. Collect free form responses. Options include open end paragraph, single textbox, and multiple textboxes.
  7. Well used question type for showing ratings and scales. Attractive tick marks in clearly defined box cells.
  8. Efficient form like drop down menu to collect single response questions. Saves space and familiar to users.
  9. Trade off question. Allocate points between factors to add to a total. Features sliders and running total.
  10. Smiley graphics featuring a user satisfaction scale. Looks great and quick to set up.
  11. Used to measure ratings and an alternative to the likert scale. Scale runs from 0 to 100 on a sliding scale.
  12. Rank features with a drag and drop action. Users drag options into a box, then drag and drop to reorder. 
  13. Versatile and highly visual which combines slider and matrix styles. Modify scales; horizontal or vertical. Add images to header or answer options.

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