Poll suggests public like Gillette’s controversial ad campaign

January 2019

A new poll from Surveygoo shows that public perceptions of the latest Gillette, “Best a man can be” ad campaign is not as negative as some media outlets have implied.

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NHS risks financial collapse

February 2018

A new poll from Surveygoo shows the public still love the NHS but fear too much demand risks financial collapse. Surveygoo conducted an online survey of 1,000 people in the UK. The results were weighted to be representative of age, gender and region. The survey was conducted between 9th and 13th February 2018.

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Public Confidence in Brexit at 71%

January 2017

As many as 71% of people expressed their confidence in Britain’s future after leaving the EU. Among “Leave voters” confidence rose to 95% while confidence dropped to 46% among “Remain voters”, according to new research by Surveygoo.

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3/4 of Consumers will pay for recognisable ingredients

Ocrtober 2016

A new poll from Surveygoo shows nearly three quarters of consumers will pay extra for ingredients they recognise. Survey of 1,300 consumers (50 in Australia; 50 in Canada; 200 in India; 100 in Malaysia; 50 in New Zealand; 200 in the Philippines; 100 in Singapore; 500 in the UK and 50 in the US).

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