Surveygoo are fortunate enough to work with leading brands, marketing and PR companies, as well as challenger brands and start ups. The nature of our client’s work and our services often prevents us from publicising specific projects and brands we work for. The examples here give a flavour of the range and variety of our project work.

Wayfair used our survey creator tool and our online panels in the UK to test consumer perceptions of about their website and shopping behaviour.
True Fit offer a range of data solutions for online apparel brands and retailers. We tested awareness of several True Fit brands and products among online shoppers in the UK, including Fit Finder and Fit Predictor products and the True Fit logo.
We ran several surveys targeting people who take cruise holidays for the online tour company, Tripashore. We conducted surveys with our online panels as well as facilitated face to face surveys with travellers.
We conducted surveys with UK travellers with current and previous experience of cruise holidays.
Surveygoo have supported Ariel Univeristy with dozens of surveys. In 2016 we ran a poll with the US electorate to gauge opinion on the US presidential elections, focusing on attitudes towards Donald Trump.
We conducted surveys with the UK public exploring exercise and access to the countryside, parks and public places.
Surveygoo conducted an ad test in Malaysia to test awareness of Ficosta, the food manufacturer’s Maretti brand.
Surveygoo have supported Ingredient Communications, the Food Marketing Company, with several studies on behalf of their clients, who operate food ingredient companies in UK, USA and Asia.
Surveygoo have been conducting polls and PR Surveys for Brake, the Road Safety Charity, for several years.
Surveygoo ran a brand perceptions survey of car buyers attitudes to Mazda, and buyer selection considerations when choosing a brand of car in the UK.

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